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MBC Isarrauschen

Marketing and business consulting - solutions for media and sales B2B and B2C

MBC Isarrauschen is your agency for Business Development, Media Relations, PR and Marketing. Our roots are in the city of Munich, on the banks of the river Isar. Our view is global.

MBC stands for Marketing & Business Consulting.
Isarrauschen means:

to enable a powerful flow, strong like the Isar, rousing, natural and with a lot of new energy for your company - all this is MBC Isarrauschen. Your agency for corporate development and marketing as well as press relations and public relations. For B2B, B2C and corporate. We love topics that drive our modern world: innovative IT, future-oriented energy and smart technology. Convince yourself of us!
MBC Isarrauschen Marke

About us

Your brand deserves
attention - and  that's
exactly what we provide.

Our great strengths are our versatility and our passion for topics that simply deserve more attention. Together with you, MBC Isarrauschen successfully implements your goals in the areas of corporate development, press relations, PR and marketing. From B2B to Corporate to B2C

Focus Areas

If you're looking for smart and innovative communications solutions for your business then you are at the right place. MBC Isarrauschen offers marketing services and a great deal more. Read on to learn about our intelligent B2B and B2C strategies.

We offer future-oriented communications strategies for the business areas that define our time: Smart Industry, Smart Living and 'Smart Up' (smart start ups). Innovation is ever present and it brings with it new customer groups and other potential stakeholders. We develop connections, networking contemporary trends and topics with the relevant target groups: from digital technologies for the home to Electromobility, to Smart Industry and its innovational impact on the Internet of Things (IoT).

We are a full-service agency offering an array of services from a single source. This helps to enable a dynamic flow (that brings clarity and consistency to your message).

We support you in expanding the reach of your brand and in setting you apart from your competitors.


Positive business development and future-oriented communication are the foundation of every branch.

We offer you tailored solutions for Communication, Graphic Design, Social Media, Advertising, Corporate Publishing - and consistently valuable consultancy across many branches. Key topics such as the Internet of Things, Smart Home and the Cloud are decisive factors in achieving success across many areas.
Branchenschwerpunkt IT & E-Health

IT & E-Health

Complicated subjects communicated in a responsible way.
Information technologies have an ever-growing influence on our lives. From the Internet of Things, across applications in Smart Home through to the Cloud, new technologies that break the mould can be found across all future impacting areas.
Branchenschwerpunkt Erneuerbare Energien

Renewable Energy

New drive for innovation
The energy revolution represents the beginning of a new age. In the future we'll require more energy than ever to drive innovation. Just a few years ago '100% renewable energy' represented a form of utopia.
Branchenschwerpunkt Automotive & Mobility

Automotive & Mobility

From alternative drive technologies to interconnected mobility.
The automobile industry is the flagship of the German economy. The spine of the automotive branch is the multitude of highly specialized suppliers and component manufacturers.


MBC Isarrauschen helps your business to flow, bringing
(fresh ideas and) results that are clear and measurable.

Our motivation is customer success. Here is a selection of the many projects that we have successfully delivered for our customers. You too could benefit from our services.

Let´s work together!

We are happy to provide details of further reference projects on request. Please feel free to approach us with your requests at any time. If you would like to learn more about our business and ourselves then feel free to get in touch.